Your scholarship video should be filmed from a stable surface (tripod if possible) and can be done on a smartphone. Edit your video in iMovie or any video editing app. It does not need to be perfect. We just want to see you dance!

Submissions should be no longer than 5 minutes and should include the following:

  • Barre: Plies, Tendu/Degage, Grand Battements - one side only

  • Center: Waltz/Pirouette, Petite Allegro

  • Contemporary or Jazz combo

Be sure to include the student's name and age. Email a link (YouTube, Dropbox, or Vimeo) or send your video to

Students will be notified of their results via email 5-10 days after materials are received.

FIlm your Audition video from a 45 degree angle-2
FIlm your Audition video from a 45 degree angle-5