The Joffrey Workshop has always had a strong Latinx presence in its student body and we recognize the need for a more significant BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) presence in our programs. 

We understand the exclusionary history of ballet and the larger systems that have kept some groups of people from accessing dance. These groups include, but are not limited to race, ethnicity, indigeneity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, and/or socio-economic status. The Joffrey Worksop believes the representation of all aspects of diversity is essential to the growth and survival of dance. 

We also recognize that equity is built into the policies, procedures and practices of an organization and we have thoroughly examined our programs to create more equitable spaces. By updating our practices to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion we aim to provide a dance experience that allows all students to thrive. 

The Joffrey Workshop will continue to examine and improve our programming so that we can provide the best education for our students. We acknowledge that there are situations that we have not yet encountered but are committed to learning from. With humility, and an awareness of challenges and differences amongst us, we move forward with the best intention of making the most positive impact on the students we reach. 


Some things we are doing to support our commitment to this work are: 

  • Hiring a diverse faculty so that students can see themselves in their teachers

  • Inclusive dress codes for students 

  • Partnership with organizations that give scholarships to students who face structural inequities and barriers to quality arts education 

  • Mentoring dancers outside of the studio