Are you passionate about your students' dance education?

The Joffrey Workshop is a world class concert dance program brought right to your door.
Our expert educators are ready to share their passion and knowledge with your students.

The Joffrey Workshop has been educating dancers since 1978. It is our mission to provide a welcoming space for all.

We honor Mr. Joffrey's legacy by sharing the importance of tradition in concert dance, and by creating positive and exciting learning environments for the next generation of dancers.

The Joffrey Workshop was founded on concert dance techniques. Our knowledge of these techniques is our strength, and we feel confident in delivering them to our students.

We've designed a process that makes it easy for you to share the positive traditions of concert dance - without ever having to leave your studio. Share the beauty of concert dance with your students - Book your workshop today!


As dancers and choreographers, we've had many beautiful experiences throughout our careers. We've also had tough moments, which is part of what has shaped our passion for a healthier approach to dance education today.

We believe it's possible to bring forward the richness and beauty of concert dance traditions while moving past the unhealthy parts we experienced growing up.

As teachers, we strive to meet students where they are. Clarity, consent, and trauma-informed teaching are at the core of what we do, and we encourage students to be their most authentic selves in the classroom.

Our dress codes have been updated to ensure all students feel welcome and to reflect what is being implemented in professional dance companies. Additionally, our faculty partakes in continuing education and are well-versed in subjects like cultural awareness and youth mental health.

In our initial conversation, we will work together to decide on additional faculty that will enhance the goals of your event. We can't wait to share The Joffrey Workshop with you!


Optimal participant response comes from two and three-day workshops, with two to three classes per day. We'll collaborate with you to identify the most suitable choices for your students and schedule.

Our usual practice is to categorize participants into Juniors (ages 9-12) and Teens (ages 13-18), but can adjust the age groups based on your workshop's goals.

Tuition is $50 per student per class, which covers our expenses such as hotel, airfare, compensation, and per diem.

2023 Summer Schedule - 14
2023 Summer Schedule - 15

*Gerald Arpino was the Joffrey Ballet's co-founder and Resident Choreographer. We are able to teach portions of the ballets he created for the Joffrey Ballet thanks to a partnership with The Gerald Arpino Foundation.


  • A studio rental fee

  • Compensation for a member of your staff to help us navigate the studio

  • A percentage of student tuition once our minimum goal is reached

  • A custom media package with social media posts and captions, posters, and more

  • A calendar for posting/emailing to eliminate guesswork

  • A series of email templates to encourage registration

  • Printed materials to distribute to your community


  • Manage student registrations

  • Collect tuition payments

  • Communicate directly with students and their families 

  • Hire and oversee expert teachers

  • Book hotels, flights, rental cars, etc. 

  • Manage teacher compensation and per diem


Do you love the idea of hosting a full workshop but there's just not enough time on the schedule due to competition or performance preparations?

The Joffrey Workshop can help refine and improve your competition or performance work.

An introductory class is given prior to rehearsals so that the dancers can get to know our faculty.

2023 Summer Schedule (2)



The Joffrey Workshop has shown choreography on stages around the country. We've created a spectrum of work from dynamic, award winning competition pieces to full length productions of The Nutcracker. 

Let us be a part of your choreographic journey!

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